• What are the names of conch shells used by the Pandava and Kaurava (notable) warriors in Mahabharata and why were they named so?
  • What was the specialty about each of them ?
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  • Each shell has special abilities like panchajanya sounds reach the enemies no matter where they hide also sound leading the path where his enemy is . With this shell God Krishna found the hidden door to hell. Jul 29 '18 at 3:46

In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 1, The conch shells used by Lord Krishna and Pandavas.The slokas are as follows,

पाञ्चजन्यं हृषीकेशो देवदत्तं धनंजयः।

पौण्ड्रं दध्मौ महाशङ्खं भीमकर्मा वृकोदरः।।1.15।।

अनन्तविजयं राजा कुन्तीपुत्रो युधिष्ठिरः।

नकुलः सहदेवश्च सुघोषमणिपुष्पकौ।।1.16।।

Pancajanya — the conchshell of Lord Sri Krishna. It was taken from the demon Pancajana after Krishna slew him.

Anantavijaya — name of King Yudhisthira’s conch shell, meaning “Unending victory.”

Paundra — the terrific conchshell of Bhima.

Devadatta — the conch of Arjuna which was obtained by Maya Danava from Varuna. The name means, “God given.”

Manipuspaka — name of Sahadeva’s conch-shell, meaning “Jewel bracelet.”

Sughosa — the conch shell of Nakula, meaning “Making a pleasant sound.”

The very next sloka mentions about various kings and Maharathis blowing their respective conch shells which King of Kasi, Sikhandi, Virata, Sätyaki, Drupada, Abhimanyu.But not their names.

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    Paundraka means which has pundra on it. Pundra means marks or lines on it. Pundra as in Urdhwa pundra, Teriyek pundra. It may also mean white lotus flower. Mar 8 '17 at 6:46

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