In Ramayana we see that Sri Vishwamitra imparted a special mantra called "balA-atibalA" to Sri Rama and Lakshmana which is considered to be immensely helpful in both spiritual and materialistic domains.

What is this mantra and what is its significance?


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This mantra is very powerful and it looks like gAyatri mantra. It has additionally some beejas and other words hence it is a very long mantra. It is capable of slowly making one evolve to higher spiritual level of super-consciousness and helps one to go beyond the pull of lower forces.

We find its mention in Valmiki Ramayana when sage imparted this knowledge to Sri Rama and Lakshmana.

King Dasharatha sends Rama and Lakshmana along with Sage Vishvamitra as requested by the sage. In their course of travel, Sage Vishvamitra imparts a secret knowledge to the young princes Rama and Lakshmana, called bala atibala vidya-s, by practicing which nothing can wither their vigour and vitality.

balaam atibalaam caiva paThataH taata raaghava || 1-22-14 na saubhaagye na daakSiNye na j~naane buddhi nishcaye | na uttare prati vak{}tavye samo loke tava anagha || 1-22-15

"My dear Raghava, if bala atibala hymns are practised, oh, impeccable one, none can equal you in the world by your handsomeness, calibre, erudition, by your discernment, and even in replying or rebutting you. [1-22-14b, 15]

etat vidyaa dvaye labdhe na bhavet sadR^ishaH tava | balaa ca atibalaa caiva sarva j~naanasya maatarau || 1-22-16

"On receiving these two teachings there will be none similar to you, for bala and atibala are the mothers of all knowledge. [1-22-16]

kSut pipaase na te raama bhaviSyete narottama | balaam atibalaam caiva paThataH taata raaghava || 1-22-17

"Oh, best one among men, Raghava, if you go on reciting bala and atiblala hymns, my dear Rama, there will be no hunger or thirst to you. [1-22-17]

vidyaa samudito raamaH shushubhe bhiima vikramaH || 1-22-21 sahasra rashmiH bhagvaan sharadiiva divaakaraH | guru kaaryaaNi sarvaaNi niyujya kushika aatmaje | uuSuH taam rajaniim tatra sarayvaam susukham trayaH || 1-22-22

Rama, the one with marvellous valiance, on obtaining those teachings performed all his duties of a student in respect of a teacher and then shone forth like the thousand rayed sun on a cloudless sky of autumn. Then those three very happily stayed on the riverbank of Sarayu for that night. [1-22-21b, 22]

Balatibala Mahamantra:

enter image description here

(103 letters , 158 mAtrAs) (Taken from sAvitryupanishat of gopatha brAhmana)

The purashcharana of this mantra is 1 lac 3 thousand times as the number of letters are these many. After the purashcharana one starts feeling the divine grace and becomes a medium of the divine power.

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