As per Hinduism we get 84 lakh yoni time birth on this earth. So how many times we get birth as human being ? is it true that we get human birth only once out of 84 lakh yoni ? Please let me know If anyone knows that...

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    Unlimited. Realize your divinity and get out of cycle of births and deaths.
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    "As per Hinduism we get 84lacs yoni time birth on this earth". What scriptures say that?
    – The Destroyer
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    Possible duplicate of How difficult or rare is it to get human life?
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Your question can't be definitely answered from Scriptures.Its true that the soul gets a variety of Yonis(wombs) as per its karmas and its also true that the number of such Yonis is 84 lacs .

But we can't exactly say how many times it gets born in a particular Yoni (possibly innumerable times) .The Scriptures only emphasize the fact that a birth in a human Yoni is very very rare.So we all should be proactive and make full use of it.

Chaturashitilakshesu Sarireshu SaririnAm | Na Manushyam VinA Annyatra Tatva GyAnantu Labhyate ||

Among the 84 lacs of kinds of bodies(wombs) Tatva Gyana(Brahma Gyana,self realization) is achieved only in the human body and not in any other bodies.

Kularnava Tantram,Chapter 1, Verse 14.

SopAnabhutam Mokshasya MAnushyam PrApya Durlabham | YastArayati NAtmAnam TasmAth PApatarohatra ||

Who is more sinner than the one who does not make full use of the human birth, which is rare(durlabham) and which is like a staircase to moksha(liberation).

KulArnava Tantram 1-16.

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