Dasharatha was a great Ikshvaku King(of Ayodhya) and Bhagawan Shri Ram's father.

When we take the literal meaning

Dasharatha or Dasharath means ten Chariots, because sandhi viccheda for Dasharatha would be Dasha + Ratha : Dasha means ten and Ratha means chariot.

How can someone have a name like 10 Chariots? is there another meaning or story associated with this name?

Note: I prefer answer from valid sanskrit dictionary like Apte and/or Valmiki Ramayana.

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    a car can travel front & back. an elevator can travel up & down. but a helicopter can travel front,back,left,right,up,down etc. Dasharatha had a chariot which could travel in 10 directions (ashta dik + up-down). We call people by their qualities or achievements e.g. Arjuna is called Svetavahaha - meaning white vehicle, because his horses were white, or a simple example - if someone always wears a red shirt to work, his friends might just call him 'red-shirt', instead of 'red-shirt-wearer'.
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I've found the meaning of Dashratha, explained in the Gloss (by Swami Sadhagopan) on Mahaveera Vaibhavam authored by Kavitarkika Simha Swami Vedanta Deshikan himself.

Quoting from the Gloss on Gadya/Passage 6:

Hail to thee O Lord, who through your birth liquidated the third debt of your father Dasaratha, who was famous for his help to Indra in his battles with Asuraas! Here the reference is to the name of our Lord's father, Dasaratha. His valor in driving his chariot in all the ten directions to chase the enemies of Indra and to come to the rescue of Indra earned him the name DasaraTa (Dasasu Dikshu Aprathihata Ratha:).

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