I am preparing to do the Prana Pratishtha of maa kali idol. Please help me to Prana Pratishtha of Maa Kali Idol.

  • Permanent prana pratishtha or the daily temporary prana pratishtha?
    – Rickross
    Apr 14, 2017 at 13:59

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As you know that prAna pratistha means transferring and establishing the life force into the idol or sigil. As the name suggests, there should be an actual movement of prAna into the object.

To stimulate the flow of prAna, it is good to adopt a few yogic techniques. First of all, it is good to perform mahA-mudra for 5 minutes. Then one must start rhythmic breathing and continue for at least 15 minutes. It could be anuloma-viloma or any other mode of breathing.

Then one must be calm in order to feel the prana. One should shake the hands a few times and focus on the fingers and palm in order to feel the energy flowing. After shaking the hands a few times, one should hold them facing each other and gently bring them close and then move them apart and should feel the energy between them. The posture is given in the picture below.

enter image description here

You will start feeling some kind of energy or magnetic power in a few minutes. Then one must hold the hands in the form of anjali and hold the idol in it. Then one must mentally imagine goddess or focus on the idol (as it is the picture of goddess itself). After meditating for a few minutes, one should start feeling that the energy from your body is getting transfered to the idol via your palms and fingers. anjali posture of hand is as below

enter image description here

Imagine inhaling in energy as you inhale and imagine it going through your hand into the idol in a form of liquid light. Be calm and repeat the process at least for 30 minutes.

While holding the idol and energizing it, mentally repeat the following mantra along with your breathing. Imagine idol getting energized with the liquid light or prAna.

Aim Hrim Shrim Om Am Hrim Kraum Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Haun Ham Sah "may Life exist here in the idol!"

Om Am Hrim Kraum Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Ham Sah "my individual existence be here in the idol!"

Om Am Hrim Kraum Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Ham Sah "may all the senses be here in the idol!"

After this, if you wish then you can continue the process with chanting mantra of the goddess or simply her name. Finally request goddess establish the pranic energy in the idol and make it established in the idol.

Then you can place it in the pooja place and worship with some flowers, rice etc.

This is process given in a brief manner in order to make it simple. There are other detailed and more complicated procedures available too.

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