Most of us know that Lord Shiva is Abhisekhapriya or one who loves to be bathed. Similarly, Lord Vishnu is Alankarapriya or one who is fond of wearing ornaments.

Similarly, i know that Lord Ganesha is called Tarpanapriya. Or one who loves the act of Tarpana (the act of offering water through the Deva Tirthas on our hands).

It is believed that all the pains and sufferings of the universe reside in the belly of Sri Ganesha (this is something that i have been told by one of my Gurujis) and that's why its being depicted as so large. And, by doing Tarpana we remove those pains from His belly and thereby give him appeasement.

I am looking for some Puranic verses which explicitly state Lord Ganesha as Tarpanapriya.

NOTE- Even only one verse will do.

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In BrihanNaaradeeya Puraanam, PoorvaBhaaga, Chapter 76- it is clearly stated Ganesha is TarpanaPriya.

दीपप्रियः कार्तवीर्यो मार्तण्डो नतिवल्लभः ।
स्तुतिप्रियो महाविष्णुर्गणेशस्तर्णणप्रियः ॥ ११५ ॥
दुर्गाऽर्चनप्रिया नूनमभिषेकप्रियः शिवः ।
तस्मात्तेषां प्रतोषाय विदध्यात्तत्तदादरात् ॥ ११६ ॥

Deepa-Priyah Kaartaveeryo Maartando Nati-Vallabhah |
Stuti-Priyo MahaVishnur_Ganeshas_Tarpana-Priyah ||
Durgaa.rchana-Priyaa Noonam_Abhisheka-Priyah Shivah |
Tasmat_Teshaam Pratoshaaya Vidadhyaat_Tat_Tat_Aadaraat ||

Kartaveerya is fond of Deepa, Surya (Maartanda) endears Water Offering(Nati).
MahaVishnu rejoices Stuti(Stotras et cetera or venerations done by devotees) and Ganesha delights with Tarpana(water libations).
Durga pleases with Prayers(Stotras et cetera, or Prayers said by Devotees) and Shiva likes being worshipped with Abhisheka(bathing the deity by pouring water, milk, honey, Ghee, scented fluids, et cetera).
Thus, for Their satisfaction, one must fulfill Their worship with the above mentioned ways, with full respect and devotion.

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