One of the most famous parts of a Hindu marriage ceremony is the tying of the Mangal Sutra. Yet the procedure for Vedic Marriage has nothing like Mangala Sutra involved (i.e. there is no Veda mantra described for tying this thread).

So my question is, what scriptures describe the wearing of the Mangala Sutra?

  • It does have. Groom ties it to Bride when “Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna” mantra is chanted, in South Indian marriages. – The Destroyer Apr 19 '17 at 19:57
  • @TheDestroyer The mantra is not from vedas is what that site says, btw that sanskrit verse is just a way to say that I am tying this thread to you, for my life saftey purpose. – Yogi Apr 19 '17 at 20:01
  • The webpage you linked to says that the Mangalya Dharana is one of the 12 parts of the Vedic marriage ceremony, it just says that the mangalyam tantunanena verse is not from the Vedas. – Keshav Srinivasan Apr 19 '17 at 21:40
  • If you observe other mantras, they also look like conversation between bride and groom, brahmins and groom etc., Check my answer to marriage procedure. So what is wrong when this is like a sentence? – Sarvabhouma Apr 20 '17 at 4:25
  • @Yogi I know meaning of Mantra. Some webpages claim Mantra is from Atharvaveda but i couldn't find it in Atharvaveda. They might have felt it belonged to Atharva Veda as Atharva veda describes marriage ceremonies in detail. – The Destroyer Apr 20 '17 at 4:52

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