I want to ask this question with the help of a real life scenario. Basically, what if one wants to pursue an educational field associating with this world just for a living so that he can progress in the spiritual path to attain union with the help of a Satguru, but his father doesn't merely want him to stay in the same country and do nothing special materialistically. Instead, he wants him to live abroad and progress immensely in this world and make a name for himself. The father might allow it but will be disappointed and unhappy with him along with some other people. Lets suppose the son listens to himself and disappoints his father, will this be violating Dharma? Because it is our respective duty to keep our parents' will in consideration. Plus, it may also be bad Karma making his parents unhappy. And it is also said by many saints and rishis that if we do anything even good against our parents' will, it will be of no benefit to us. But that may not be the case when one's parents are completely wrong and there is no good in what they are thinking. But regardless of that, my consciousness tells me that fulfilling your parents' desires is the better path to choose. But I would like to hear what the scriptures have to say about this.

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  • Hinduism gives you full right to choose your own path in life. Let me show you an example... In begening of mankind Daksha(Son of lord Brahma) was selected as Prajapati. He had 3 or 4 (not sure how many) sons and Daksha's full faith was on his son that one day, one of his some will take resposibilites of Prajapati and other sons will help him in his duties towards Prajapati. But his all sons got inspired by Dev Rishi Narad's (Brother of Daksha and some of Brahma) teaching and decided to take sanyas to get moksha [continue...]
    – Vishvam
    May 22, 2017 at 6:34
  • . In sanyas, we have to leave our house and start living as Sanyasi in jungle (means away from crowd so our tapasya won't get disturbed). When Daksha come to know about their son'e this decision than he try to convince him to not go for sanyas but thier son didn't listen to him and decided to spend all their life in lotus feet of Narayan. Daksha got angry on it, he came to know that it was Narad who taught his son this path and in ager he put curse on Narad... "My son is leaving my house, they are now homeless. [contunue...]
    – Vishvam
    May 22, 2017 at 6:35
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    Point of order - taking sanyasa requires mother's permission or wife's if you are married.
    – user1195
    May 23, 2017 at 1:17
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    @Yogi Adi Shankaracharya took the permission of his mother but Ramanujacharya didn't take because His wife was the main reason to take up the sanyasa, May 25, 2017 at 12:03

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  1. You don't need India only to unite individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. Spiritual process is not based on geography.
  2. You had gotten such father owing to your past Karmas. Following your father's wish would be your Dharma because Dharma is nothing but any act which exhausts one's Karmas. Following your father's wish will exhaust your Karmic bondings which are result of past lives & thus pave your path to unite individual consciousness to the universal consciousness.
  3. Don't choose any guru until you develops razor sharp conscience to discriminate between fake & bona fide Gurus as more gurus are today fake. Till read scriptures by your own.
  4. Being in a world doesn't run contrary to the Spiritual process. Leaving home is not a prerequisite to unite individual consciousness to the ultimate consciousness. Only prerequisite is to become witness from enjoyer. i.e, Drishta bhaav is only prerequisite.
  5. You don't need ashram to meditate, you can meditate anytime & anywhere. If you are serious & developed dhāran, sitting on cozy cushion with any pose can unite you with the ultimate reality.

Conclusion: Follow your father's wish because it is not in conflict with spiritual process in any way.


  1. Obviously.
  2. Partial reference.
  3. Obviously.
  4. Bhagvat Geeta.
  5. Vijnānabhairav tantra.

This pic will help to choose.

  • I understand. I will try my best to balance Miri and Piri in my life and to keep my parents' will in consideration while striving to realize the Truth as well. Thank you very much sir for your guidance and knowledge! This will really help me in the future. Please do pray for me that I am successful in my life in realizing the Truth! Thank you very much again! :) Jun 1, 2017 at 21:45
  • Haha @PradeepKumar you're talking as if you're never going to visit Hinduism SE again. :) . Btw, All the best. Jun 2, 2017 at 4:41

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