All the characters of the MHB cast and reap karma--whether from a past life, or their present; but I cannot find a reason that Gandhari should have to suffer so much when she was the ideal wife and incarnate of Mati--who by a thin thread, I see is another name for Saraswati.

One theory-she was "Zinging" Dritarastra with a "see how YOU like being married to a blind woman" bad attitude, and also she felt envy that Kunti delivered while she had to carry her baby for 2 years- I just don't see why her impatience or irritation at finding out her future husband was blind, could cause her to suffer such a horrible life of having envious sons (like her) and watching them get killed.

Three questions:

  1. Is Mati another name for Saraswati?
  2. Why would such a model mother be punished so severely?
  3. Are there any stories about Mati that would explain her karma?

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