Is an English translation/reference to the German publication available? It refers to work by Dr. V. Raghavan Emeritus Sanskrit Professor of Madras University.


It appears these are detachable flying parts of temple Gopurams.

Vimanas:Flying Objects from Ancient Indian Scriptures

Four strong liquid mercury vessels must be installed in the inner structure. When heated by Sun's rays or by other means the Vimana (aircraft) develops a powerful thrust from the mercury.... etc.

EDITS 1/2/3

It is not totally incredible because mercury is the heaviest known fluid that flows and can transfer kinetic energy in a flying machine.

Several related YouTube videos (Hindi) are appearing nowadays, we have no means to authenticate them:


Updated on Vimanas regarding similar wider context of Srirangam and Padmanabha temple cultures:

Ancient Vimana Discovered in Secret Underground Chamber? Srirangam Temple, India

( 6 min 00 secs to 11 mins 58 secs )

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