From this answer, it is clear that

The objects seen in the dream state are impressions from the waking state. They are nothing but the internal workings of the mind. They are nothing more than internal mental states.

From this answer, it is clear that

Adharmas or Acts of Sin are mainly of three categories: ‘Sthuula’ (in Gross Form), ‘Sukshma’ (Small in content) and ‘Athyantha Sukshma’ (Minute). These sins are performed by Mind (Manas), Tongue (Vani) or Karma (Action). The Manasik type is four-fold: Thinking of other’s women, wealth, material loss and difficulties. ‘Vachik Paap karma’ (Sinful Utterances) like lies, unpalatable sayings, blaming others and using provocative language

Thus, it is clear that dream contains internal thoughts and some thoughts listed above are sinful. Now my doubt is that if a person performs an Adharma in his/her dream, is he/she to be considered a sinner due to that act(in dream)?

Example : Dream on thinking/stealing other's wealth, other's women, talking lies, blaming others etc.,

  • How can they be, if dreams are not under one's control? – user16581 Nov 5 '19 at 17:38

If a person create or imagine himself/herself doing Adharma in his/her dream then it can be a form of sin.

If it is not created by a person and happened naturally then it is just a thought and not a sin. But if it is happening regularly then it is necessary to check or search meaning. If you read Sai Satcharitra chapter 49 then there is a reference for it

Only we should never entertain evil thoughts. Making the mind desireless, observe God's works of beauty. In this way the senses will be easily and naturally controlled and even in enjoying objects you will be reminded of God.

"If the outer senses are not held in check and if the mind be allowed to run after objects/materialistic things and be attached to them, our cycle of births and deaths will not come to an end."

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    You should cite references from Shastras. – Yogi Jun 22 '17 at 10:12
  • This is my observation on it. because dreams or thoughts are base of any karma. if I am doing adharma in my dreams then some how I am making a base of my wrong karma. Just an observation. – Praveen Gaikwad Jun 23 '17 at 3:20
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    I am afraid your observation is wrong, there are two cases 1) Dreamless sleep when jeeva rests in bramhan 2) Normal sleep even in normal sleep jeevatman is not fully aware of his surroundings and doesn't have control over the senses, so there is no sin associated with the body when jeevatman is not the controller. – Yogi Jun 23 '17 at 3:56
  • Yes dream state either purges your punya by having u enjoy good thing doing adhaarma is also way lord purging your accrued punya your bad karmaa is purged by having bad dream like seeing death or seein filth and entering filth – Prasanna R Nov 6 '19 at 12:18

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