Svargalok is considered as a place where good people reside. From the wiki -

Svarga is seen as a transitory place for righteous souls who have performed good deeds in their lives.

However, many stories/references on Indra's character do not support him to be king of swarga, e.g.,

  1. Indra seduced Ahalya
  2. He once stood against lord Krishna(Govardhana Parvat incident)
  3. Always in doubt for his throne
  4. He struck Hanuman's jaw during his childhood

Do not forget serials by Ramanand Sagar

Then what makes him the king of demi gods despite of having such loose character in various incidents.

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Indra is not the name of a person, its the name of a post, same with all other Lords and Gods.

Same is with Trishanku, who is considered as a future candidate for Indra padavi, Hanuma is awarded as a future Brahma for his countless Rama Nama Japam.

The person holding Indra's post will be changed after his term is completed. Until then he can do whatever he wants to. If he does anything bad, he will be punished but his post will not be taken back. But one can challenge him in battle and conquer his post.

  1. Consider the case of Ahalya, he got a Shrapa (curse) and all trees in the world shared that Shrapa and released Indra from it.
  2. In Govardhana Parvat incident, Lord Krishna also gave him a Shrapa that no one in this world will worship Indra separately (but he should be given share in all Yagnas/Yagas)
  3. Always in doubt for his throne, Yes thats the fear of his position, whoever is eligible for that post can claim it. Or need to wait until his turn completes.
  4. He struck Hanuma's jaw during his childhood, this is what the actual job of Indra's post is, whoever person he is. Indra needs to maintain balance and peace all over in his territory. So he arrived there to protect Surya deva by listening to the complaint of Rahu, unknowingly hurting Hanuma.
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    What is name of present Indra: Maghavaa, Shakra, Vaasava or what?
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Arjuna described how his father Indra obtained the chiefship of the gods.

Having by the exercise of Kshatriya duties vanquished thy foes and acquired empire without a thorn in its side, conquer thy soul, O ruler of men, and be engaged in the performance of sacrifices and the practice of charity. Indra himself, though a Brahmana, became a Kshatriya in his acts, and battled with his sinful kinsfolk for eight hundred and ten times. Those acts of his, O monarch, are adorable and worthy of praise. Through them he obtained, as we have heard, the chiefship of the gods.

Indra also described how he became the chief of celestials.


Having slain in battle Jambha, Vritra, Vala, Paka, Satamaya, Virochana, the irresistible Namuchi, Samvara of innumerable illusions, Viprachitti,--all these sons of Diti and Danu, as also Prahlada, I myself have become the chief of the celestials.'

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