Is chanting any mantra without initiation a sin? What do scriptures say about this?

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    Do u want an answer based on Agamas? then i can immediately post it.
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    @Rickross Yes definitely
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    It would be sin for you. Differs from person to person. Commented Aug 21, 2017 at 16:55
  • know this before asking if it is a sin. hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/20368/… Commented Aug 21, 2017 at 16:58
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    In general yes. There are a few exceptions that don't require initiation but are enhanced with it.
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In Agamas DikshA or initiation is given utmost importance.

Mantras should be taken from a bonafide Guru only. If one chants mantra by obtaining it through some other sources (like books etc) then that is regarded as an offence.

For example, the KriyAsAra Tantram says:

Kalpe drishtA tu yo mantram japed gurumanAsritaha |
SutanAsho bhavet tasya phalam kinchinna vidyate ||


The person who, without depending on a Guru ( Gurumanasitaha), chants mantras by taking them from a book, gets his progeny destroyed [by doing so] (sutanasho) and does not get any benefits [of the chant] either.

The KulArnava Tantram is even more strict on this:

Pushtake likhitAnmantrAn vilokya prajapanti ye |
BrahmahatyAsamam teshAm pAtakam parikirtitam ||


One, who chants mantras by seeing them from books [that is not obtained duely from a sampradaya Guru] commits, thereby, sin as grave as BrahmahatyA (Brahminicide).

KulArnava Tantram, UlAsaha 5, Verse 22.

So, its always better to go for Guru dikshA if you are interested in mantras.

  • Bro, How will one know whether he took Diksha from a bona fide Guru or not? Commented Aug 21, 2017 at 17:00
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    That is tricky. i don't think there are certain and easy ways by which we can verify. @Rohit. We can at least give it a try. if it does not work ( now whether it has worked or not we possibly won't be knowing either) then we have to realise that we need far more merits than we have accumulated till now.
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    @Rohit, who do you trust the most? For most people, it is their mother, father. So, ask them. If they had a guru, they will point you to him. If not, they will ask their elders.. grandparents, uncles, aunts. If not, go to a local temple, and ask. We do not have enough jnana/tapas/shakti to check the certificate of every guru, and even the teachings of different gurus varies. Yudhistira was posed this question by Yaksha in Mahabharata, and he says- dharma is not visible, rishis say different things, vedas seem (on the exterior) to be contradictory, so just follow path of great people (elders)
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  • @ram Can you give link to these Yaksha prashna? Commented Aug 22, 2017 at 4:42
  • Why there is difference between taking mantra from Guru or taking mantra from book or internet. I also want to chant mantra of Lord Hanuman (coz I use to do tuesday's fast) which I got from internet. Why can't I simply chant them? Why it will be beneficial after taking it from guru only? Everyone in this sites says we should get mantra only from guru but no one explains why! I don't have any Guru and don't know where I can find. And to b honest, I don't even want any Guru. So that's mean I don't have right to chant mantras? But why? I also want to chant...
    – Vishvam
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(1) Diksha if taken from a real Guru, who is a master in that Vidya, can do wonders because of transmission of energy. A Diksha involves three: Disciple, Guru and Deity.

Today Diksha business is running where only two are involved, Disciple and incompetent Guru. This will not work. It is mere satisfaction that you have taken Diksha but it is of no use unless you find a real Guru, which is difficult these days.

(2) There is too much fear because of misinterpretation of scriptures. From the time these were written, many interpretations have taken place. Initiation (Diksha) is required because in Kaliyug, Lord Siva has locked most of the mantras (Keelit) to avoid misuse. Only a real Guru can unlock and give it to you. Regarding progeny destroyed if mantra chanted without initiation, I think it refers to the side effects of few mantras like: Baglamukhi Mantra and similar mantras.

(3) Mantras like Mahavidya mantra should not be attempted without a Guru, however, other Mantras need not necessarily require Diksha. Here the only difference you may feel is that after Diksha (from a real Guru), you will progress 5x or 10x times whereas alone you can progress at a Turtle speed. Also, during recitation, if you experience something, no one can guide you. Only a real Guru can guide.

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