Why do some Hindus observe fast during the lunar month of "Shravan"?
What does it signify?
Is it prescribed by the holy texts?

  • I don't know if anybody observes fast, but I know that many do not eat non-veg food. Commented Jul 13, 2014 at 6:21

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Scientific Reason

During Shravana monsoon is at its peak and there is less sunlight, it makes digestive system weak. During this period, water-borne diseases spread rapidly. Fasts detoxify the system.

Religious Reason

It is believed that one who carries out the Shravan Somvara Vrat has their prayers answered. During the day devotees consume only non-solid foods such as milk, buttermilk, fruit juice and fruits. The devotee then breaks his/her fast (eats his/her evening meal) after praying to Lord Shiva.

Don't know whether its prescribed in holy texts or not.


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