Many of us here claims that Lord Hanuman was one of the Rudra (especially people say Hanuman is 11th Rudra).As it is said in many of our scriptures and puranas that Hanuman was an incarnation/avatar of Shiva.

But on the other side, in an answer to my question here, Tezz refers to the Ekadasha Rudras and Ashta Murti Rudras, none of them has Hanuman's name mentioned. So, what is relation between Rudra and Hanuman? If this was not the case, if Hanuman was not the Rudra, then who was he ?

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  • Rudras are divine beings. They don't have Physical bodies. Hanuman has Physical body. – The Destroyer Aug 31 '17 at 4:55
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  • @thedestroyer Rama also had physical body, so? Rudra took birth as Hanuman. If rudra will take birth then ofcourse he will have a body. – Vishvam Aug 31 '17 at 5:21
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    Possible duplicate of How many Rudras have been actually born?. According to famous interpretations (e.g. Gambhirananda), lord Hanuman doesn't belong to the list of 11 Rudra-s. See this answer. – iammilind Aug 31 '17 at 11:51

No, Hanuman isn't among the 11 Rudras. I discuss 11 Rudras and their significances in my answer here.

The 11 Rudras are:

They were Mrigavayadha, Sarpa, Niriti of great fame: Ajaikapat, Ahivradhna, and Pinaki, the oppressor of foes; Dahana and Iswara, and Kapali of great splendour; and Sthanu, and the illustrious Bharga. These are called the eleven Rudras. [Adi Parva, Sambhava Parva chapter 66]

Similarly in the Harivamsha Parva of Mahabharata:

सुरभी कश्यपात् रुद्रान् एकादश विनिर्ममे ।
महादेव प्रसादेन तपसा भाविता सती ॥१-३-४९
अजैकपाद् अहिर्बुध्न्यः त्वष्टा रुद्राः च भारत ।
त्वष्टुः चैव आत्मजः श्रीमान् विश्वरूपो महायशाः १-३-५०
हरः च बहु-रूपः च त्र्यम्बकः च अपराजितः ।
वृषा-कपिः च शम्भुः च कपर्दी रैवतः तथा ॥
मृग-व्याधः च सर्पः च कपाली च विशांपते ।
एकादश एते कथिता रुद्राः त्रि-भुवन-ईश्वराः ॥१-३-५२ 
ब्शतं तु एवं समाख्यातं रुद्राणाम् अमित-औजसाम् ।
पुराणे भरतश्रेष्ठ यैः व्याप्ताः स चर-अचराः ॥१-३-५३

Hallowed by her own ascesis and by the grace of mahadeva, the daughter of daskha prajApati, and the wife of kashyapa prajApati, lady surabhi, moulded eleven rudrA-s. Apart from those eleven rudrA-s, Ajaika-pAd, Ahir-budhnya, TwaShTa, and ruda are also the progeny of surabhi, and tvaShTA's son is the highly glorious vishva-rUpa. Oh, king, the eleven rudrA-s are: Hara, Bahu-rUpa, Tryambaka, AparAjita, Vrishakapi, Shambhu, Kapardi, Raivata, MrigavyAdha, Sarpa, and KapAli. Oh, king, purANA-s tell that these eleven highly resplendent rudrA-s, on manifesting themselves manifoldly, are pervading the subtle bodies of all sessile and mobile beings, and thus they became the controllers of three worlds.

Thus Hanuman is not among the 11 Rudras. But what is the relation between Rudra and Hanuman? The relation is through the AshtaMurti form of Rudras. Hanuman is son of Vayu. And Vayu (Air) is one among the Eight form (AshtaMurti Roopam) of Shiva. I discuss it here.

सुवर्चला तथैवोमा सुकेशी चापरा शिवा।
स्वाहा दिशस्तथा दीक्षा रोहणी च यथाक्रमम् ॥८॥
सूर्यादीनां नरश्रेष्ठ रुद्राधैर्नामभिः सह।
पत्न्यः स्मृता महाभाग तदपत्यानि मे शृणु।
येषां सूतिप्रसूतैर्वा इदमापूरितं जगत् ॥ ९ ।।
शनैश्चरस्तथा शुक्रो लोहिताङ्गो मनोजवः।
स्कन्दः खर्गोऽथ सन्तानो बुधश्चानुक्रमात् सुताः॥ १०॥ (Vishnu Purana 1.8)

The wives of the Sun and the other manifestations, termed Rudra and the rest were respectively, Suvercalā, Uma, Vikesi, Sivā, Svāhā, Dišā, Diksā and Rohiņī. Now hear an account of their progeny, by whose successive generations this world has been peopled. Their sons, then, were severally, Sanaiśocara (Saturn), Sukra (Venus), the fiery bodied Mars, Manojava (Hanumān), Skanda, Swarga, Santana, and Budha (Mercury).

And in Markandeya Purana chapter 52:

The sun, the water, the earth, the fire, the ether, the initiated Brahman, and the moon, these became respectively their abodes. Suvarchala and similarly Uma, Vikeshi and another, Swadha, Swaha, and likewise Disha, Diksha, Rohini these respectively, O thou superior among the twice-born, became with the sun &c., the possession of the holders of the names commencing with Rudra &c.,. Their sons respectively were Shanaishchara, Shukra, Lohitanga, Monajava, Skandha, Sarga, Santana, and Budha.

Thus, in this way Hanuman is son of Shiva through his Ashtamurti form of Vãyu (Air). However in Shiva Purana there is a chapter called 'The incarnation of Hanuman', it is told Hanuman is also direct incarnation of Shiva. But in any case Hanuman isn't 11th Rudra.

  • "No, Hanuman isn't among the 11 Rudras", that implies that there are 11 Rudra-s. Isn't it contradicting with your yesterday's answer suggesting infinite number of Rudra-?. :-) – iammilind Aug 31 '17 at 6:06
  • But Hanuman is considered as Rudransh. Whats the meaning of rudransh if he is not rudra of Shiva. We all use to say that Hanuman is rudra avatar of Shiva. Whats the meaning of rudra avatar of Shiva if he is not rudra? – Vishvam Aug 31 '17 at 7:41
  • And also, you said Hanuman is son of Vayu. On what basis? Vayu dev just put shiva's ansh into Mata Anjana by the order of Shiva. Only because of this help of vayu dev, he is considered as father of Hanuman. So Vayu dev is more like Dharm peeta of Hanuman, not real father. – Vishvam Aug 31 '17 at 7:45
  • @iammilind No, there is not contradiction. Among uncountable Rudras there are special groups of Rudras like 11 Rudras, AshtaMurti Rudras etc... also in that answer I have written 'The famous groups are groups of Ekadash Rudras and groups of AshtaMurti Rudras; Ekadash Rudras are:.... ' – Tejaswee Aug 31 '17 at 11:46
  • @Tezz, OK I see your point. In general, I have seen references of 11 Rudra-s only. The concept of "infinite Rudra-s" is new to me. Probably, 11 Rudra-s refer to formful Rudra-s (like "lord Shankara"). I am just guessing. May be some day we can take this topic in a chat. :-) – iammilind Aug 31 '17 at 11:50

Hanuman - the adorable Vanar (humanoid monkey or monkey-like human ) of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana is actually a Rudra avatar. In the Vedas ,Shiva is mentioned as Rudra who emerged from the brow of Brahma the creator .Rudra was born howling with distress at the suffering of living beings.

There are eleven Rudra avatars of Shiva and Hanuman is the eleventh one.

enter image description here

Reference: A Pandit is describing 11 rudra of Shiva in this video here

Note: A simple google search will give you thousands of articles that will describe Hanuman as 11th rudra . But can't post those links here coz my one answer already being deleted. So you can find by yourself on google.

If you wanna read more on it then Click here to read OR Click here to see Hanuman as 11th rudra

  • The names of 11 Rudras are mentioned in our scriptures and Sri Hanuman is not one of them.Yes, He is worshipped as an incarnation of Rudra, but is NOT of the Rudras directly. – user17294 May 3 '19 at 13:37
  • @commonman You can't differentiate between God and their incarnation. Can you differ between Vishnu and Raama? Definitely no.. Hence If 11th Rudra of Shiva took incarnation to give his services on Lotus feet of Raama then it doesn't mean he is not Rudra anymore ( since he took incarnation). Rudra is rudra, whether incarnation or not. – Vishvam May 3 '19 at 20:14
  • That is not counted in that way.For example, if I believe that Sri Chaitanya is an incarnation of Krishna, I can not include Him in the list of the Ten Incarnations of Krishna! – user17294 May 4 '19 at 4:02

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