मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी द्रवहु सुदसरथ अचर बिहारी

I know this is a very famous chaupai of the holy text but sadly I don't know where it is written.

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These lines are found in Ramacharitamanasa, Bala Kanda.

झूठेउ सत्य जाहि बिनु जानें। जिमि भुजंग बिनु रजु पहिचानें।।
जेहि जानें जग जाइ हेराई। जागें जथा सपन भ्रम जाई।।
बंदउँ बालरूप सोई रामू। सब सिधि सुलभ जपत जिसु नामू।।
मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी। द्रवउ सो दसरथ अजिर बिहारी।।
करि प्रनाम रामहि त्रिपुरारी। हरषि सुधा सम गिरा उचारी।।
धन्य धन्य गिरिराजकुमारी। तुम्ह समान नहिं कोउ उपकारी।।
पूँछेहु रघुपति कथा प्रसंगा। सकल लोक जग पावनि गंगा।।
तुम्ह रघुबीर चरन अनुरागी। कीन्हहु प्रस्न जगत हित लागी।।

Due to lack of knowledge about Sri Råma even the unreal passes for real, just as ignorance about a rope leads us to mistake it for a snake. Even so the moment we know Him the world of matter vanishes, just as the delusion of a dream disappears as soon as we wake up. Him do I reverence in the form of a Child, the repetition of whose Name brings all kinds of success within our easy reach. May that Home of bliss and Bane of woe take compassion on meóHe who sports in the courtyard of king Dasaratha.î After thus paying homage to Råma, the Slayer of the demon Tripura joyfully spoke in mellifluous accents as follows: ìYou are indeed blessed and worthy of applause, O daughter of the mountain-king; there is no such benefactor as you. You have asked Me to repeat the history of the Lord of Raghus, which is potent enough to sanctify all the spheres even as the Gangå purifies the whole world. You are full of love for the feet of the Hero of Raghuís race; You have put questions to Me only with an eye to the good of the world.

रामकृपा तें पारबति सपनेहुँ तव मन माहिं।
सोक मोह संदेह भ्रम मम बिचार कछु नाहिं।।112।।

By the blessing of Råma, O Pårvat∂, not even in dream can grief, infatuation, doubt or error enter your mind, so far as I can judge.


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