While researching for an answer I came across the reference of Padma Puran having been revealed in the Padma Kalpa which was the last day of the 50th year of Brahma. Currently we are in the Varah Kalpa or the 1st day of the 51st year of Brahma.

Is there such a mention for other Purans as well and if yes can someone share the entire list?

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As mentioned in this answer, different Puranas were revealed during onset of different Kalpas.

Chapter 53 of Matsya Purana mentions Kalpas of all Puranas except Brahma and Markandeya Puranas.

  • Padma Purana - Padma Kalpa (hence the name)
  • Vishnu Purana - Varaha Kalpa (current Kalpa)
  • Vayu Purana (includes Shiva Purana) - Sveta Kalpa
  • Bhagavata Purana - Sarsvata Kalpa
  • Naradiya Purana - Brhat Kalpa
  • Agni Purana - Isana Kalpa
  • Bhavishya Purana - Aghora Kalpa
  • Brahma Vaivarata Purana - Rathantara Kalpa
  • Linga Purana - Agneya Kalpa
  • Varaha Purana - Manava Kalpa
  • Skanda Purana - Satpurusha Kalpa
  • Vamana Purana - Kurma Kalpa
  • Kurma Purana - Lakshmi Kalpa
  • Matsya Purana - Vaivastara Manvantara of Varaha Kalpa
  • Brahmanda Purana - Future Kalpas (No specific name mentioned)
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  • @SuryaKantaBoseChowdhury what details?
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    The 2 Bhagavatams and in which kalpa they belong to
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  • The Bhagavatam you mentioned was the Devi Bhagavatam.
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    @SuryaKantaBoseChowdhury It's better not to add those details. I added what Matsya Purana said. You can add it as other answer (maybe Partial answer).
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