As, I've mentioned in previous question, Sapta Vidha Aupapatti, also called seven untenables are said to be an objection raised against the concept of Avidya of Advaita Vedanta.

I want to know has any Advaita Acharya or scholar resolved/answered/refuted those seven untenables?


These are the 7 charges (anupapatti) that Ramanuja leveled against the theory of Maya. They are ashrayanpapatti, tirodhananupapatti, svarupanupapatti, anirvachaniyatvanupapatti, pramananupapatti, nivartakanupapatti, and nivrtyanupapatti. Prof. Chandradhar Sharma explains and refutes the 7 charges in his book

A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy,

pp 358-361, Chapter 18, Section XV.


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