The 10 mahavidyas are-

1)kali-The ultimate form of Brahman

2)Tara-The Goddess as Guide and Protector

3)tripura sundari-The Goddess Who is "Beautiful in the Three Worlds

4)Bhuvaneshwari-The Goddess as World Mother, or Whose Body is the Cosmos

5)bhairavi-The Fierce Goddess

6)chhinnamasta -The self-decapitated Goddess[5]

7)dhumavati-the widow goddess

8)baglamukhi-The Goddess Who Paralyzes Enemies

9)Matangi-the Prime Minister of Lalit

a 10)kamala-the Lotus Goddess; the "Tantric lakshmi.

I want to know that which oldest agamas,Puranas or Itihasas mention the 10 dasha mahavidyas.In Wikipedia Kinsley says that origin of 10 mahavidyas cannot be older than 12th century,Is it true?If not then which scriptures mentions the 10 mahavidyas


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