Rigveda alludes a story of Bhujyu who happened to be a son of king Tugra. The king got to know about some enemies planning to attack his kingdom so he sent Bhujyu along with his few confederates on a ship/boat to neutralize the attack.

As they traveled, it turned out that the confederates were moles and they drowned/abandoned Bhujyu in the middle of sea/river. Bhujyu did not learn how to swim so he prayed to Ashvins and he was rescued by the later but he drowned so deep in the sea that Ashvins had to swim for 3 days.

RV 1.182 (5-7)

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Recently this story has been of interest because the verses mention of a large body of water (samudra) which has become a topic of debate whether samudra mean ponds/ocean/river/sea. The summary of the debate can be read here. Philosopical side also much has been written about on Bhujyus incident as people claim that this is the first instance in RV which talks about punishment given by Varuna or Mitra where sinner falls in an abyss till eternity. However, like the story of Shunahshepa Bhujyu's sin was absolved by praying to Indra.

My question is - do we know about Bhujyu's incident in details in later texts?

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