When Indra comes to take Yuddhisthira to Swarga, the latter refuses to go without the dog who has been accompanying him all this while:

"Yudhishthira said, ‘O thou of a 1,000 eyes. O thou that art of righteous behavior, it is exceedingly difficult for one that is of righteous behavior to perpetrate an act that is unrighteous. I do not desire that union with prosperity for which I shall have to cast off one that is devoted to me.’

This is when Indra replies:

"Indra said, ‘There is no place in Heaven for persons with dogs. Besides, the Krodhavasas take away all the merits of such persons. Reflecting on this, act, O king Yudhishthira the just. Do thou abandon this dog. There is no cruelty in this.’

My question is - What reason do the Krodhavasas (Asurik sons of Kashyap's wife Krodhavasa) have for disliking dogs or people with dogs? Especially since Yama himself has two dogs that guard his abode?

  • So far as i know, keeping dog or cat for more than three days is banned by smritis. i vaguely remember the sloka also reading 'shwa suna marjars poshyantah dinatrayam etc.
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    Jan 24 '19 at 12:11
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    Interesting question!
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I think this is because they are of demonic lineage/are pishachas.

Here is the relevant link

Wikipedia says this:

In the Ramayana, Krodhavasha was the wife of the sage Kashyapa,[1] the mother of Surabhi,[2] and the daughter of Daksha.[1] She gave birth to Asuras, or demons, who were also known as Krodhavasas.[3] As she was very short-tempered, the children born to her were ferocious animals, birds, and fish, all monsters species with sharp teeth.[1]

Based on these two,why I think Indra refused the dog entry was because Krodhavasas are demonic/pishachas,and ,they are in the form of animals.

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