Is there any mention of attire for women/men in any ancient texts ?

How was nudity treated in Hinduism ?

Did other religion deeply influence the people of India ?


Is there any mention of attire for women/men in any ancient texts ?

paṭṭa-vastra, alaṅkāre, samarpiyā sakhī-kare, sūkṣma-śukla-vastra-paridhāna kṛṣṇa lañā kāntā-gaṇa, kailā jalāvagāhana, jala-keli racilā suṭhāma

“All the gopīs entrusted their silken garments and ornaments to the care of their friends and then put on fine white cloth. Lord Kṛṣṇa, taking His beloved gopīs with Him, bathed and performed very nice pastimes in the water of the Yamunā. paṭṭa-vastra — silk garments;


suvalita hasta, pada, kamala-nayāna paṭṭa-vastra śire, paṭṭa-vastra paridhāna

He had beautifully formed hands, arms and legs, and eyes like lotus flowers. He wore a silk cloth, with a silk turban on His head. paṭṭa-vastra — silk garments;


sei mleccha-madhye eka parama gambhīra kāla vastra pare sei, — loke kahe ‘pīra’

Among the Muslims was a grave person who was wearing a black dress. People called him a saintly person. kāla vastra — black garments;


ṭhākurera bhāṇḍāre āra āmāra bhāṇḍāre citra-vastra-kiṅkiṇī, āra chatra-cāmare

“Take as many printed cloths, small bells, umbrellas and cāmaras as there are in my storehouse and in the Deity’s storehouse. citra-vastra — printed cloth;

How was nudity treated in Hinduism?

If you refer the following instances then you can conclude that it wasn't considered as a proud moment but at the same time it has been related to as a tool to fulfill your desire.

taṁ dṛṣṭvā vrīḍitā devyo  vivastrāḥ śāpa-śaṅkitāḥ vāsāṁsi paryadhuḥ śīghraṁ  vivastrau naiva guhyakau

Upon seeing Nārada, the naked young girls of the demigods were very much ashamed. Afraid of being cursed, they covered their bodies with their garments. But the two sons of Kuvera did not do so; instead, not caring about Nārada, they remained naked. refer


tan-mātā koṭarā nāma  nagnā makta-śiroruhā puro ’vatasthe kṛṣṇasya  putra-prāṇa-rirakṣayā

Just then Bāṇāsura’s mother, Koṭarā, desiring to save her son’s life, appeared before Lord Kṛṣṇa naked and with her hair undone. Refer


yūyaṁ vivastrā yad apo dhṛta-vratā  vyagāhataitat tad u deva-helanam baddhvāñjaliṁ mūrdhny apanuttaye ’ṁhasaḥ  kṛtvā namo ’dho-vasanaṁ pragṛhyatām

[Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] You girls bathed naked while executing your vow, and that is certainly an offense against the demigods. To counteract your sin you should offer obeisances while placing your joined palms above your heads. Then you should take back your lower garments. Refer


tān vilokyāmbikā devī  vivāsā vrīḍitā bhṛśam bhartur aṅkāt samutthāya  nīvīm āśv atha paryadhāt

When the goddess Ambikā saw the great saintly persons, she was very much ashamed because at that time she was naked. She immediately got up from the lap of her husband and tried to cover her breast. Refer

Did other religion deeply influence the people of India ?

History has ample sources to prove the invasions by the Muslims rulers as well as the Britishers/Dutch/Portuguese/French and this happened for centuries, the impact is clearly visible in many states of India where they ruled.

  • Also note that these are verses from Purana and later period literature. Is there references regarding this, in pre-purana period literature (Veda, Brahmsutra,Mahabharat(includes Gita),Ramayana etc? I have not found any. – zaxebo1 Apr 11 '18 at 7:37

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