I am looking for the names of some Lord Ganesha devotees.Those names have to be mentioned in the scriptures.

In scriptures (like the PurAnas) we often find such names. For example, PrahlAda was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, Dadichi, MArkendeya that of Lord Shiva ( MArkandeya was also a devotee of Lord Vishnu i think) etc.

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    Amazing question. Bravo :) - a Saint from recent times. Although you are asking from mythology point of view. just for info.- en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morya_Gosavi Commented Oct 28, 2017 at 8:06
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    Also Raavana of Shiva
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  • @SwiftPushkar Thanks and yes i am looking only for characters who are mentioned in scriptures.
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Ganesha Purana and some Ganesha-centric scriptures mention few great devotees of Sri Ganesha.

Since i don't have complete Ganesha Purana, i will cite Puranic Encyclopedia by Vettam mani as reference. I will update exact references as soon as possible.

Here are some list of devotees:

  1. Ballala was a son of Vaishya and Lord Ganesha Himself manifests at his worship place pleased by his devotion.

    Ballala: Son of a Vaisya named Kalyana. From childhood Ballala was an ardent devotee of Ganapati. When he was a child he used to gather pebbles and make a heap and then worship it, imagining it to be GaneSa (Ganapati).

    His parents did not like this. They tried their best to dissuade him from this habit. Once they tied him to a tree and gave him severe cuts. But their attempts were futile. One day an image of Ganapati arose in the place where the child used to worship. (GaneSa Purana 1 : 2).

  2. There was fisherman named Brusundi who was evil and at a suggestion of sage, he did sever tapasya on Ganesha and he developed a trunk like Ganesha.

    Bhrusundi. A fisherman. He used to earn his living by theft.

    Once when the Maharsi Mudgala was passing through a forest , Bhrsundi stopped him. But in the presence of the Brahmanic effulgence of the Maharsi, the fisherman was dazed. Mudgala took pity on Bhrsundi and advised him to worship Lord Ganesa.

    From that time Bhrsundi gave up his evil ways, and accepting the advice of Mudgala, started the worship of Ganesa with single-minded devotion. As a result of it, an elephant's trunk began to grow from the middle of his forehead. Bhrsundi who thus acquired a shape closely resembling Ganesa, was visited by Indra, mistaking him for Ganapati. (Ganesa : 1.67).

  3. There's story of another devotee of Ganesha called Mankana which is bit surprising. Shiva decides to burn his favorite city Kasi and Ganesha helps in that ploy. Maybe we can know exact context when we read complete chapter or preceding chapters. Puranic encyclopedia gives Vayu Purana and Brahmanda Purana references which i couldn't verify with Motilal editions of Puranas.

    MANKANA: A barber of VaranasI who was a great devotee of Ganesa. During the time of King Divodasa. Siva wanted to destroy the city of KasI and deputed his son Ganesa (Nikumbha) for the same.

    Ganesa came to Kasi and appearing in person before his devotee Mankana, asked him to build a temple on the outskirts of Kasi. Mankana completed the temple and Ganesa (Nikumbha) installed himself in that temple getting for it the name Nikumbhamandira. Devotees began to flow into the temple and Nikumbha sitting there answered the prayers of all. But he never fulfilled the prayer of the King to have a son. This annoyed Divodasa and he destroyed the temple and then Nikumbha cursed that the city of Kasi would become desolate. Siva's desire thus became fulfilled. (92. 33, Vayu Purana and 3; 67, 43. Brahmanda Purana).

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