A video (unable to find it now) that i watched on Youtube says- On the middle of our right palm resides the Sowmya Tirtha ( related to the Deity Soma). And, on the same place, in our left hand, resides the Agni Tirtha (related to Deity Agni).

The video said that the description given in it is as per the Bhavishya Purana.

Now, there is a difference of opinion it seems. Because, the book Nitya Karma Puja Prakash (Gita Press), says that it's exactly the other way round. That is, it's the Agni Tirtha which is on our right palm and Sowmya Tirtha on the left.

Which of the two descriptions is correct? Can someone verify from the Bhavishya Purana?

NOte- These Tirthas are related to certain Vedic rituals. So, that is the only tag i could find as being apt here.

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