How to please Lord Shiva to get grace? Please enumerate simple & practical ways by which he becomes pleased & showers grace.

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    What exactly do you mean by "pleasing"? He becomes pleased by many ways and charity is best as per Shiva Purana. – The Destroyer Nov 20 '17 at 12:36
  • @TheDestroyer Pleasing means to get grace. – ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Nov 20 '17 at 12:40
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    Easy. chant His name continuiosly. – Swami Vishwananda Nov 22 '17 at 4:58
  • @TheDestroyer Yes Doing charity for needful, is more or less same as worshiping Lord Shiva. He'll be pleased more than anything in this case. – TheLittleNaruto Aug 8 '18 at 8:19

In this Kurma Purana chapter, Lord Shiva prescribes Bhakti or devotion as the best means of achieving his grace.

Parama Shiva asserted:

Naaham Tapobhirvividhairna Daanena na cheyjyayaa |
Shakyo hi Purushair jaaturmutey Bhaktiamanuttamaam ||


I am always realisable by Bhakti or Pure Devotion and not necessarily by Tapasya, Daana or Charity and Yagnaas!.

He further elaborates what is required of his devotees as follows:

Na madbhaktaa vinashyanti madbhaktaa veeta kalmashaah |
Aadaavetat pratigjaanam na mey bhaktah pranashyati ||
Patram Pushpam Phalam toyam madaaraadhana kaaranaat |
Yo mey dadaati niyatah sa meyBhaktah Priyomatah ||


My Bhaktaas would never be destroyed nor harmed but would be washed off their sins as I took a vow that my Bhaktas are protected. Bhaktas are merely required to perform my Puja with utmost sincerity and offer leaves, flowers, fruits and even water as I would be pleased.

There seems to be some other methods too. Since this is from a Purana, and since Puranas are Bhakti-Pradhana (as is evident from the word's Nirukti as given by Lord Shiva in the Kularnava Tantram), hence it is natural to expect that devotion will be emphasized in them.

So, I may update the answer later with quotes from other kinds of scriptures.


Chanting is the best way in Kaliyuga and it's common for all Gods/Goddesses.

Other than Chanting, for Lord Shiva,

Among all the austerities and fastings Mahashivaratri holds a supreme place (as per Shiva Purana - Part 1 (VIDYESHWAR SAMHITA) - Chapter 9 & Shiva Purana - Part 4 (KOTI RUDRA SAMHITA) - Chapter 37 to 40).

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One of the most powerful ways is to get the "Ati Rudra Maha Yagna" performed on your behalf.

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