One of the nondual Agamic traditions is the Kashmir Shaiva agama.

What are the major schools of this tradition?

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Many wrong conceptions, set afloat by certain great resaerch scholars of the present age, require immediate correction. For instance

(i) Agama, Spanda and Pratyabhijna are being taken as three sub-schools of Kashmir Saivism, which is not correct. Spanda is that intrinsic character of the absolute reality, the self of every being, which is to be realized by an aspirant by the means of Pratyabhijna or self-recogni¬ tion to be brought about through yogic practices prescribed in accordance with Agamas, the scriptural works on Saivism. Different sets of texts deal with them without ptesenting any mutual disagreement on any principles or doctrines. These are thus the essential and integral elements of one and the same school of thought.

(ii) Kula, Trika and Krama are being correlated with the so called three 'sub schools' of Kashmir Saivism. Kula and Trika are, no doubt, two different systems of practice prescribed in Saivism, but neither of them can be strictly bound to any of such'sub-schools'. As for Krama , it is not at all any independent system of practical Saivism, but is an integral part and parcel of both Trika and Kula systems. It is a method that forms an essential element in the practice of the Saktopaya of the Trika system (T.A. IV 122 to 179; T.S. pp. 28 to 30). Twelve Kalis of the Krama method are included even in the practice of Sambhavopaya of that system (T.A. Ill 249 to 254). These have been discussed as playing a prominent role in the Dhyanayoga of the Anavopaya of the Trika system (T.A. V - 21 to 27) as well as in the practice of Cakrodaya (T.A. VII). Krama, being thus an integral item of Trika system, has not been counted as an independent system in any of the scriptural passages dealing with the topic con¬ cerned (T.A.V. vol. I, pp. 48, 49 and P. Tr. V. p. 92).

-- B. N. Pandit, History Of Kashmir Saivism

(Source: https://archive.org/details/193B.N.PanditHistoryOfKashmirSaivism/page/n23/mode/2up)

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