I have the book KulArnava Tantram, which is a ShAkta Agama.

It is comprised of 17 chapters (each chapter is called an UllAsha here; so Saptadasha UllAsaha is the last chapter).

Each chapter is again comprised of around 115-140 slokas.

Assuming 120 slokas per chapter, the total number of slokas in the whole text is 2040.

But, the ending verse of each chapter is typically like the one given below:

Iti Sri KulArnave NirvAna MokshadvAre MahArahasye SarvAgamottamottame SapAdlakshyagranthe Panchamakhande UrdhhAmnAya Tantre Jiva Stithi Kathanam NAma Prathama UllAsha.

This is how the 1st chapter ends. Similar verses, with slight modifications, are present at the end of each of the 17 chapters.

Now, SapAda Lakshya means one and one quarter lakh; so the total number slokas that the original text is supposed to contain is 1 lakh and 25,000. But, as said above, my book does not have more than around 2000 slokas.

Are these slokas really lost or never discovered or extant under some other titles? Or is it the case of KulArnava being part of a larger Tantra scripture that is comprised of 1,25000 slokas?

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