In his lifetime, Adi Shankara established four amnaya peethams in four directions of India and appointed his chief disciples as the pontiffs. (Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is also established by Adi Shankara but it is not considered as an amnaya peetham among these four. It is considered as fifth one). I asked a related question about these mutts some months ago.

  • East : Pooramnaya Shri Govardhana Peetham (Govardhana Math)

  • West : Paschimamnaya Shri Sharada Peetham (Kalika Math)

  • North : Uttaramnaya Shri Jyotish Peetham (Jyotir math)

  • South : Dakshinamnaya Sri Shringeri Sharada Peetam (Sringeri Math)

Each of the mutts are associated with a Veda and a sampradaya also. The Dakshinamnaya Sri Shringeri Sharada Peetham website gives the sampradaya each math is affiliated to.

  • Govardhana Math : Bhogavala sampradaya

  • Sringeri Math : Bhurivala sampradaya

  • Kalika Math : Kitavala

  • Jyotir Math : Nandavala

What are these sampradayas each math is affiliated to? Are they about different branches of dashanami sampradaya? Or they about different philosophies in advaita?

  • Interesting, I've never heard of these different Sampradayas. They may have some connection to Bhamati and Vivarana, the two main sub-schools of Advaita. Also, I wonder what Sampradaya the Kanchipuram Shankaracharya Matham is affiliated with. Dec 1 '17 at 5:51
  • This is a gratuitously offensive question - leaving out Kanchi. Adi Sankara only has a legendary history and the question is needlessly creating controversy and hurting sentiments.
    – S K
    Dec 1 '17 at 11:56
  • @SK Sringeri muTh is the authority on all things Sankarachary. "Legendary history" is fanciful and incorrect.
    – user1195
    Dec 1 '17 at 12:18
  • "Sringeri muTh is the authority on all things Sankaracharya" @moonstar For those who prefer to live in the 21st century, there is no "authority" in religious matters. There are otherwise respectable people who say Adi sankara's date is 5th century b.c.
    – S K
    Dec 1 '17 at 12:25
  • @SK How is it offensive? what did you find so controversy creating in the question? Dec 1 '17 at 17:48

Govardhan Math

  1. Amnaya -Purba

  2. Sampradaya- Bhogabaara

  3. Titles of Sannyasins- Vana & Aranya

  4. Titles of Brahmacharins- Prakash

  5. Kshetra- Puridham

6.Devata- Jagannath

7.Devi- Vimala

8.Acharya- Padmacharyya

9.Teertha- Samudra

10.Veda- Rigveda

  1. Mahavakya- Prajnanam Brahma

  2. Gotra- Kashyapa

  3. Areas under this Math- Anga(Assam), Banga, Kalinga, Magadh (Southern Bihar) and Utkal(Odissa)

Sarada Math

  1. Amnaya- Paschima

  2. Sampradaya- Keetavara

  3. Titles of Sannyasins- Tirtha & Ashrama

  4. Titles of Brahmacharins- Swarup

  5. Kshetra- Dwaraka

6.Devata- Siddheswar

7.Devi- Bhadrakali

8.Acharya- Hastaamalaka

9.Teertha- Gomati

10.Veda- Saamaveda

  1. Mahavakya- Tat Tvam Asi

  2. Gotra- Abigata

  3. Areas under this Math- Sindhu(Punjab),Sauvir, Saurastra (Surat), Maharastra


  1. Amnaya- Uttara

  2. Sampradaya- Anandavara

  3. Titles of Sannyasins- Giri, Parvata & Sagara

  4. Titles of Brahmacharins- Ananda

  5. Kshetra- Badrikashrama

6.Devata- Narayana

7.Devi- Purnagiri

8.Acharya- Totakacharya

9.Teertha- Alakaananda

10.Veda- Atharva

  1. Mahavakya- Ayam Aatmaa Brahma

  2. Gotra- Bhrigu

  3. Areas under this Math- Kuru (Hariyana), Kashmir,Kamvoja,Panchaala(Punjab-Himachal)

Sringeri Math

  1. Amnaya- Dakshina

  2. Sampradaya- Bhuribaara

  3. Titles of Sannyasins- Saraswati, Bharati & Puri

  4. Titles of Brahmacharins- Chaitanya

  5. Kshetra- Rameswara

6.Devata- Adi- Varaha

7.Devi- Kamakshi

8.Acharya- Sureswaracharya

9.Teertha- Tungabhadra

10.Veda- Yajur

  1. Mahavakya- Aham Brahmaasmi

  2. Gotra- Bhurbuvah

  3. Areas under this Math- Andhra, Dravira, Kerala, Karnataka

Reference : Hariyana ki Vedanta-Parampara Aur Baba Totapuri, Vaidya Banamali Dutta Sharma, Published by Dhruva Sharma 1986, page 165-168


The word "Bhoga-Vaara" comes because this sect is designed to protect (Nivaarana/Vaarana) people from thirst of "Bhoga" and show them right direction.

The word "Keeta-Vaara" comes because this sect is designed to protect everybody, even the Keetas by showering mercy.

The word "Ananda-Vaara" comes because this sect is designed to protect (Nivaarana/Vaarana) people from Ananda of "Vilasa" and show them right direction.

The word "Bhuri-Vaara" comes because this sect is designed to protect (Nivaarana/Vaarana) people from thirst of "Bhuri-Vastus" like gold etc and show them right direction. (Ref. Ibid page 165-168).

From the reference book, I provided many additional informations (like gotras, upadhis of brahmacharins and areas of control)in the list given which were not there in the link provided in the question.

  • My question is what are Bhogavala, Nandavala, Bhurivala, Kitavala Sampradayas mentioned in the question. Not about the location and their Shankaracharyas. Feb 9 '19 at 17:19
  • You should read complete question before answering. If you are unclear, you can ask a clarification in comments. Don't post answers in a flow. I have mentioned the question itself is about traditions in the title, gave a list and I asked what are these traditions clearly in the question itself. I have taken that from Sringeri site without regional influence. Your answer contains wrong pronunciation of Sanskrit words (Purba, Yotirmath) and you say my words are wrong?! It is not a vague question. If you want examples of vague questions, my questions are not the ones to look at. Feb 10 '19 at 2:36
  • Moreover, this answer just contains the information of the page sringeri.net/history/amnaya-peethams I have linked in the question and nothing new. So, this adds nothing new to the question. Feb 10 '19 at 2:39
  • @Sarvabhouma please dont brand typo as mistake in sanskrit, pl write correct sanskrit,pl dont ask such vague questions and pl never instruct me what i shd do or not do.If u see anything obsectionable, pl flag or report to the moderators. I must not receive instructios from you any further. – Partha 1 hour ago Delete
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  • It's not a vague question at all. Read the question properly and answer.You're just repeating what's given in the linked page I gave in the question. This doesn't answer my question at all. My question is about 4 sampradayas & not about Vedas or acharya who was appointed as pontiff. My question is entirely different. I already gave the link to page. It says Bhogavala, Kirtivala. what is Purba or Bhogabaara? that's not correct Sanskrit as far as I know. You should not ask anyone to stop giving instructions because this is a public site with Community moderation.This doesn't address my question. Feb 10 '19 at 13:33

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