Ashvalayana (ITRANS : AshvalAyaNa) is a famous rishi associated with a shAkha of Vedas and vedanga sutras.

What is his life story ?

What are some important texts written by him ?

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Rishi Asvalayana is associated with Asvalayana Shaka of the Rig Veda. which is said to be lost in current time. Asvalayana was said to be disciple of Rishi Shaunaka. He followed two branches of Rig-Veda i.e. Bashkal & Shakal.

We find some brief information about Rishi Asvalayana in this introduction of Kaivalyopanishad .

In the Vedantic literature, Asvalayana is  well-known as a great teacher of Rig Veda. Even today, many who belong to the  tradition of Rig Veda follow the Vedic rituals formulated by Rishi Asvalayana.  Before he became a great teacher, Asvalayana is said to have received his  education in Brahma Vidya from Lord Brahma, The Creator, who is referred to as Lord  Parameshti., The Great Teacher.

The Asvalayana Grhyasutra and Asvalayana Srautasutra are attributed to the sage Asvalayana and are associated with the Aitareya Brahmana.

Asvalayana Srautasutra consisting of 12 chapters. Asvalyana Grihasutra consists of four chapters and is further divided into 48 kandikas or subsections. It discusses the 16 Samskaras and rules for recitation of the Vedas.

We find mentioning of one rishi Asvalayana in Prashna Upanishad also.

कौसल्यश्चाश्वलायनो 1.1


Kausalya by name. Âsvalâyana, the son of Asvala.

Note -Very Less information is known and available online about sage Asvalayana. And this compilation is an attempt to gather it here. If anyone is having some more information regarding this topic Pls. feel free to add it in answer.

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