I was watching a YouTube video recently where the speaker said that one astrologer in his pañcāṅga (almanac) claimed that a woman's character and what the woman goes on to become in her later life depends on the time of the day she menstruates for the first time. I didn't believe him first but after a bit of googling I did find a couple of references. Here's one (The Hindu). And this is the other from which I quote below.

Gargeya's almanac (panchangam in Telugu) called 'Graha Bhoomi Panchangam' for the Telugu New Year 2012-13 (it begins on March 23) has some strange observations about the menstruation period of girls.

The almanac predicts that if a girl gets her first menstruation after sunset, she will become a prostitute.

And that's not all. 'If the menstrual cycle starts in the evening, the girl will turn into a thief and if she attains puberty at around midnight, she will become a widow at an early age and will have sagging breasts.

'And if it happens after midnight, she will become a destitute,' Gargeya's almanac claims.

. . .

Gargeya, though, defended his almanac. 'The observations had been there in the almanac for years and there is nothing offensive about them,' he said.

Since the astrologer is defending his claims, I thought there must be a precedent for this. So do any jyotiṣa śāstras discuss this matter?

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    Its individual claim maybe. Or some spurious astro text Commented Dec 22, 2017 at 23:53
  • And what about after sunrise and noon?
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  • All the Panjikas I have have this info in details.. Not sure where they quote from though..
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The fate/destiny of any person would be prerecorded in their horoscope at their birth date,time,place. Birth chart is a DVD-R cassette. The horoscope is used as a video casette and one can view it to know various life event timings and quality.

The event may be anything, it only happens according to their fate.

If it is already destined in a girl's horoscope that she would become as so, then, that girl would have her first menstruation only in such type of evil period. Timing of life events always follows the birth chart.

In case of absence of birth chart, an astrologer can also know their fate by the timing of first menstruation.

In fact, an astrologer can take any life event to determine one's future, like, at the time of purchasing a vehicle, or can take the time of beginning of education, etc.

All life events of a person show only one direction destination path.

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Surya Narayan Rao, the grandfather of BV Ramana, wrote Stri Jataka, and in chapter two he discusses "Arthava Lagna" the horoscope drawn for the time of the girl's first menses.

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