There are 16 sanskar in Hinduism in which 9th sanskar is Karn Chhedan. Why is it required ? I googled and found it is done for good health. Can anyone explain it logically. I don't see it relatable.

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    Its sacrament and important rites with esoteric meanings. Commented Jan 7, 2018 at 22:30

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Why Karn Chhedan is required ?

Sushruta Samhitavolume 1: - Chapter XVI - Puncturing and Bandaging the ear - Karna-Vyadha-Vandha-Vidhi-adhyaya.Provides us some explanation.

The lobules of the ears of an infant are usually pierced through for protecting it (from the evil influences of malighant stars and spirits) and for the purposes of ornamentation as well. The piercing should be performed on a day of bright fortnight marked by the auspicious lunar and astral combinations, and in the sixth or the seventh month of the year reckoned from its beginning (Bhadra). The child should be placed on the lap of its nurse, and benedictions should be pronounced over it. Then having soothed it and lured it with toys and playthings, the physician should draw down with his left hand the lobules of its ears with a view to detect, with the help of the reflected sun-light, (the closed up) apertures that are naturally found to exist in those localities. Then he should pierce them straight through with a needle held in his right hand.

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