Who created this shloka? What is its source?

करचरण कृतं वाक्कायजं कर्मजं वा । श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वापराधं । विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्षमस्व । जय जय करुणाब्धे श्रीमहादेव शम्भो ॥

karacharaNa kRRitaM vAkkAyajaM karmajaM vA | shravaNanayanajaM vA mAnasaM vAparAdhaM | vihitamavihitaM vA sarvametatkShamasva | jaya jaya karuNAbdhe shrImahAdeva shambho ||


This is the 14th Sloka of Adi Shankara's Shiva Aparadha Kshamapana stotram.

Kara-charana-kritam vaak,-kaaya-jam, karma-jam vaa,
Shravana-nayana-jam vaa, maanasam vaa-aparaadhama,
Vihitam-avihitam vaa, sarvam-etat-kshmasva,
Shiva shiva karunaabdhe, shrii mahaadeva shambho||

Whatever faults or mistakes I have done so far with the help of my hands, legs, speech and body, also due to my actions, also by seeing and hearing or may be mentally or as per the injunctions of Veda, all these Oh Lord Shiva who is all compassionate please forgive me. You are the Lord of all deities and one who nature is to bless all., 14

Devotees of Lord Shiva often recite it after completion of a worship, asking for his forgiveness for all the mistakes that they might have committed.

NOTE: "Aparadha" means "offence or guilt" and "Kshamapana" means "asking for forgiveness". Also, in the Sloka you gave it's "Jaya Jaya Karunabdhe" where as in my version it's "Shiva Shiva...". And, this could be due to "Pathabheda" or alternate reading.

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    Nice, I also find it as the last sloka in Shiva Manasa Pooja by Adi Shankaracharya
    – Pandya
    Jan 12 '18 at 14:22
  • @Pandya So Shankaracharya himself used the variant in another of his stotram.
    – Rickross
    Jan 12 '18 at 15:36
  • Which Shastra or other book is this Stotram in?
    – user22667
    Jan 10 at 3:49
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    @hindustudent This Stotra is not from any scripture. It was composed by Adi Shankaracharya. You may find it in books on Stotras.
    – Rickross
    Jan 10 at 5:53
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    Dhanyawaad @Rickross ji
    – user22667
    Jan 10 at 5:54

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