This is a very confusing thing I see in indian religions .

They say one's own karma is the cause of both joy (in whichever form , be it mental joy, materialistic joy, money , gold, relationships, etc or even spiritual bliss) as well as the cause of one's suffering (again be it of any type).

But if I am the maker of my own destiny via my own karma ,then where does god even come into pic here ?

why is god said to be giver of wealth as in

"That great, birthless Self is the eater of food and the giver of wealth (the fruits of one's work)" (Brhadaranyaka Upanisihad 4.4.24)

I seriously don't get it . I am the one doing my karma , so I reap my fruit . Why is it said "god is blessing" me then ?

also if god indeed is giver , then why doesn't he give everyone ? Why some are more fortunate than others ?

I hope you got my question :) thanks for answering.

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    earth has soil, rivers have water, sun provides heat - using all these, plants grow. without earth, river or sun, plants cannot grow. but what type of plant grows depends completely on its seed. karma is the seed (specific cause), god is earth/river/sun (common cause). Without god, neither good nor bad karma can be done by anyone, but whether you plant good seed or bad seed, and get good fruits or bad fruits, is up to the farmer.
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    Jan 22 '18 at 0:10

I have thought about this question myself. Karma is classified into Sanchita, Prarabdha and Aagami karmas. That is, certain karmas are for experiencing in this birth itself, certain others in subsequent births, certain are mutable (changeable) and certain others immutable.

Every human born on earth is like a student. Like in a class, there are good students, mediocre ones and poor ones, likewise, some of us learn our lessons quickly, some take a long time and some do not learn even from trials and tribulations. A degree of free will is available to all of us in changing our karmas, if we do not exercise it, we become poor students.

When a student of life is a good one, and learns his lessons quickly, that portion of praarabhdha karma (the karma to experience in this life) which is mutable, gets changed by divine will. Note, this only happens to those good students, who have learnt their lessons! At this point, owing to the will of god, the person gets motivated by circumstances to try harder, to overcome obstacles and succeed. This change in destiny for good is willed by god, and that is why, he is eventually able to succeed!

This is why we say, all good things come from god!

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