The Yog Vasishtha narrates the fascinating story of an immortal crow named Bhushunda who is met by Brahmarishi Vasisth. In Chapter 22 while reminiscing about his past lives, the divine crow tells Vasishth that he has seen his previous 7 births:

8 O sagely son of Brahma, I remember your eight births in the eight different epochs of the world. This is your eighth birth in which you have come as a guest to my nest.

9 At one time you were born of air, and at another of heavenly fire. One time you were produced from water, and at others from emptiness and of solid rock.

Now most of us are aware of two births of Vasishth - ONE as the Manas Putra of Brahma and SECOND as the son of Mitra-Varun when he was born together with Agastya. I want to know if these other six births of Vasishtha & their details are mentioned in any other scripture?

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