I came across this term while reading the Meghdootam by Kalidas. Pushkaravarta is the name of the flood clouds of the world-destroying deluge. This commentary on the book states:

Indra is the king of Heaven and the clouds. He sends us rain. The rain and the clouds obey his behest. When Brahma created the world, clouds sprang up in the lineage of King Pushkaravarata. It has been mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana that the cloud which brings the most terrible of rains is called Pushkaravarta. When everything on the earth is to be destroyed, this cloud brings torrential rains. Below are the screenshots for reference.

Screenshot 1 from the book Screenshot 2 from the book

Is the story of these clouds being born in the lineage of the said king mentioned in any scriptures? Are there any other stories about them?

  • According to the Kurma Purana, the clouds are Samvartaka clouds not Pushkaravrata clouds. Feb 14, 2018 at 6:10
  • Yeah I have read that name but I want to know about these particular ones. Feb 14, 2018 at 6:16
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    I think they are mentioned in Yoga Vasishta . Will give it a try. Feb 14, 2018 at 6:40
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    @SwiftPushkar Great. I am looking for the story of their origin and whether they are personified as the descendants of the said king. Feb 14, 2018 at 7:45
  • Yes will try to search , will take some time though :-) Feb 14, 2018 at 7:46

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Definition - Pushkaravarta — (from Pushkara, i.e. water, and vrita, to have place in, i.e., a watery cloud) a name for the flood clouds of the world-destroying deluge.

Vayu Purana Chapter 51 Verse -37 - Tells us that they are class of clouds said to cause death or famine. And are generated from peak of the mountains.

एते योजनमात्राच्च सार्धार्धान्निष्क्रुतादपि |
वृष्तिसर्गस्तथा तेषां धारासारा: प्रकिर्तिता :||
पुष्करावर्तका नाम ये मेघा: पक्षसंभवा: || Vayu 51.37||

These clouds shower forth from a distance of a Yojana , half a yojana or one forth of yojana . They rain in continuous torrents Pushkaravartakas (an epithet of a class of clouds said to cause death of famine ) are the clouds that get generated from the peaks of mountains.

Pushkaravarta Clouds are also Mentioned in Brahmnada Purana Book 1- Part 2-Chapter 22- Verse 40. - Chapter Name - The Divine Luminaries , Varities Of Clouds . Divisions of Stratosphere. The Chariot of Sun God. - Page no. 218 Brahmanda Purana gives us the detail explanation about them , giving us the defination defination of Pushkaravarta clouds and tells us that "The clouds called Pushkaravarta are born of the wings of mountains . They increase thier size competing with the water and that is the reason they are called Pushkaravarta clouds ( Revolving Pushkaras) i.e. revolving clouds with water.

Here are the excerpts from Brahmanda Purana chapter.

40 Those clouds named Pushkaravartakas are born of the wings. Its conception is threefold .The shower is glorified as continuous downpour.

42 Those clouds named Pushkara (were born of those wings ) . They increased in size competing with waters . For the reason , they are termed Pushkaravartakas (Revolving Pushkaras) .

43 They Assue many forms. Their thundering sound is very terrible .They are the creation of torrential rain at the end of the Kalpas. They control the Sarhvartaka fire (which burns down the universe then.

44 These (clouds) shower rain at the close of the Yugas ( Thus) those third (set of clouds) have been recounted . They have many forms, configurations and aggregates. They fill the earth.

Here you will find original sanskrit shlokas and below is the screenshot.

Conclusion - The puranas tells us that the Pushkaravartakas are the clouds shower rain at the close of the Yugas . They are the creation of torrential rain at the end of the Kalpas. And basically they are the flood clouds of the world-destroying deluge.
enter image description here
Note- Your basic enquiry is about the story. Here I have provided basic answer about the mentioning of clouds from puranas. And haven't found any story yet ,but will update the answer soon. So consider this is not the exact answer but a part of that.

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    Yes the story seems to be related to Indra and event of Indra cutting the wings of mountains. The story of Pushkaravartakas is not clear from scriptures but we surely can see Indra and mountains in scriptures.- hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/16739/5620 Feb 19, 2018 at 8:51

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