I've seen Sri sukta starting with hari om, do other mantras of vedas also start with "hari om"

Does it have another meaning.

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No Vedic Mantras start with "Harihi Om". It is not required to do so.

But, there is a rule by which all Vedic recitals must start and finish with the Pranava or OM.

BrahmAnah pranavah kuryAd AdAv ante cha sarvadA |
Svatyanokritam purva parastAch cha vishiryati ||

Manu Smriti 2.74. Let him always pronounce the syllable Om at the beginning and at the end of (a lesson in) the Veda; (for) unless the syllable Om precede (the lesson) will slip away (from him), and unless it follow it will fade away.

As regards the Sri Sukta from Khila of Rig Veda, then i can tell which Mantras are actually part of it.

Sri Sukta is comprised of 15 Rik Mantras.

Mantra 1 starts with

" Hiranyavarnam harinim suvarna rajatasrajAm |"

and, the last Mantra or Mantra 15 starts with

"tAm ma A vaha jAtavedo lakshmi-manapagAminim.."

So, any other Mantras, Slokas etc that are added before or after the Sri Sukta are additional stuffs. They are not officially part of the Sukta itself.

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    The last mantra you posted is "टाम् म आ वह जातवेदो लक्श्मिम् अनपगामिनिम्।" but correct mantra is "तां म॒ आव॑ह॒ जात॑वेदो ल॒क्षीमन॑पगा॒मिनी॓म्" whose transliteration is tAM ma Avaha jAta vedo lakShImanapagAminI॓m. As they are mantras, they should be transliterated properly. Will you do it properly or shall I? Feb 17, 2018 at 7:25
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Vedic Mantras star with 'AUM'(Om) and not 'Hari Om'. The Mantras conclude with 'Om Shanti' or some other invocation with 'Om'. Manu Smriti enjoins that all invocations of the Brahaman should commence and end with the holy sound 'AUM'.

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