Trying to study ManuSmriti.

1) What does Manusmriti say about inter-caste marriages?

2) Are there any punishments given for inter-caste marriages?

3) Are there any mentions of inter-caste marriages done by anybody in it?

4) I want all quotes mentioning inter-caste marriage in ManuSmriti.

This question is not a duplicate since it is not asking about caste in general and only about inter-caste marriage and it's implications and only in Manusmriti and not in other scriptures.

  1. It is condemned. Reason is- by inter-mixing of castes Varnasankaras are created and they do not belong to the realm where Manu's laws apply well.

Manu Smriti 10.24. By adultery (committed by persons) of (different) castes, by marriages with women who ought not to be married, and by the neglect of the duties and occupations (prescribed) to each, are produced (sons who owe their origin) to a confusion the castes.

  1. It is considered as a duty of the king to prevent inter-caste marriages from occurring. But no mentions of punishments as far as i know.

8.172. By taking his due, by preventing the confusion of the castes (varna), and by protecting the weak, the power of the king grows, and he prospers in this (world) and after death.

  1. One mention is there. It is about the chief royal sage of the kingdom where the king called Vena used to rule. This sage married a widow and thereby created confusion of castes.

9.65. In the sacred texts which refer to marriage the appointment (of widows) is nowhere mentioned, nor is the re-marriage of widows prescribed in the rules concerning marriage.

9.66. This practice which is reprehended by the learned of the twice-born castes as fit for cattle is said (to have occurred) even among men, while Vena ruled.

9.67. That chief of royal sages who formerly possessed the whole world, caused a confusion of the castes (varna), his intellect being destroyed by lust.

  • Manu smriti is against widow remarriage, then how can mandodari remarry after ravanas death, Lord Krishna too kept so many wives and married women who were captured by narkasur. – Anubhav Jha Feb 19 '18 at 6:15
  • I don't know ..there can be some explanations.. but this what Manu Smriti says..@AnubhavJha – Rickross Feb 19 '18 at 6:33
  • @AnubhavJha I don't think Mandodari remarried according to VR. – Tat Tvam Asi Jun 15 '18 at 17:56
  • @Anubhav I think most of his translations are out of context Ankur Arya on you tube has concretely explained manusmriti with proper translations I think that is the best source it very much necessary to have context of any quote then only you can understand the core of it – Atharva Pandey Jun 16 at 8:59

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