I like to listen to the song. God is a girl.

So, I got curious.

Are there any Goddesses in any scriptures who are girls.

By girls I mean those that they look like around 13 years old.

Bālā Tripurasundarī or Kumārika is a form of Adi Shakti who is worshipped in the form of a girl who is around 10 years.

Bala Tripura Sundari

She is worshipped by people during the first two days of Navaratri. Girls of age 8 are respected and regarded as the form of Bala Tripura Sundari. They are bought new clothes. It is believed that this Goddess can be easily pleased through worship.

She is mentioned in the Chapter 26, Laita Mahtmya of Brahmanda Purana.

73-77a. She was the daughter of Lalita Devi. She always stayed near the goddess. She was worthy of being worshipped by all Shaktis. She was an adept in martial feats and exploits. Her form and features were like those of Lalita. She was always Like a nine year old girl yet she was a great mine of all lores. Her body was like the rising sun. 11cr creeper-like slender body was in complexion. She was perpetually present near the foot-rest of the great queen. She was at it were the vital breath of the goddess moving externally. She was her fourth eye. She became curious and thought thus : “I shall immediately kill those sons of Bhanda who have come here’. After making up her mind thus. Balamba submitted to the great queen.

77b-80 Mother, the sons of Bhaņḑa, the great Daitya, have come to fight. I wish to fight with them. I am interested in this because I am a young girl. My arms throb with an itching sensation for war. This is my playful activity. It should not be curbed by your orders for prohibition. Indeed I am a girl loving toys and playful pastimes. By this play of fighting for a moment, I shall become delighted mentally.

Lalita Devi tries to prevent her because she is tender and a small girl.

81-83 Dear child, your limbs are very tender and soft. You are only nine years old. This is your first step and performance. Your training in warfare is fresh and recent. You are my only daughter. Without you, my breathing activity does not go on even for a moment. You are my very vital breath. Do not go in for the great war. We have Daņḑinī, Mantriņī and crores of other great Śaktis for fighting. Dear child, why do you commit this blunder?

yet, she convinces her mother and participates in the war with Bhandasura. Lalita Devi gives armour and some of her weapons to her. Both the armies of Shaktis and the daityas were surprised when she came to the battle field and fought vigorously in the battle.

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