This article states that gigantic volcano eruptions in the area of Deccan in modern India were the cause of life extinction on Earth 66 million years ago. About 4 subsequent volcano eruptions spewed poisonous gases and ash into the air, blocking sunlight and wiping out most lifeforms on Earth.

  1. How does this period of destruction tally with Kalpa/Yuga theory?
  2. Do Hindu / other ancient texts have any reference to this event?
  3. Is there any connection to Shiva's destructive force?

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Yuga theory states that four yugas are of length 4.32 million years. Currently 28th chaturyuga is going on. So 66 million is 13th/14th chaturyuga. Currently we don't what exactly happened in that period. There is very less information available of period behind this chaturyuga. (3.9million years ago)

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