Hinduism had traditional lifestyle practice involving faith and belief in entwined sciences of astrology and astronomy.

Timing of marriage, muhurtham of Griha pravesam, starting of a new important activity are fixed after consultation by competent astrologers.

What scriptural basis exists about validity and accuracy of life / good events/ catastrophe predictions based on birth time and time of planetary conjunctions in general? What are some most glaring demonstrated cases of occurrences based on pre-dicted and pre-announced calculations that came out true in the past?

EDIT: A motivation of the post is about what one can do today (versus what one cannot change.. birth star or subsequent planetary motions) to alleviate the malefic effects of certain stars/planets by resorting to Homam, Yagnam and other Pacifications. But alas it has to be undertaken in a diverted chat room, If at all ! .. I was searching for some fora that could stand up to guard some time tested traditions.

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  • Thanks about suggestion. Hinduism the way it is understood and practiced is an integrated belief system at the core, or so I believe. The components cannot be dismembered to be individually dealt with. For example the single word Dharma has at least five English translations. So my request here, let it be confined to chat.
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