Madhvacharya, one of the most renowned Vaishnava acharyas and the propagator of the Dvaita Vedanta philosophy, is considered an incarnation of Vayu by his followers. I would like to know some of the miracles supposedly performed by him?

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He is considered as mukhya prANa by followers. He was an influential figure in vaishnava tradition as well as vedanta. There are several miracles associated with him and his disciples.

Some of the miracles are mentioned below

As a child he had performed a lot of miracles, which foretold his future greatness. Once he was asked to protect the curds and milk kept in the pots from cats. Being playful and restive child, he lifted two huge pieces of granites and closed the milk and curd pots. These mosuru kallu (curd stone) and Halu kallu (milk stone) has been preserved for the posterity, even today at Pajaka shetra.

Madhyageha bhataa (father of Vasudeva), once took loan from a local money lender for purchasing cows. He was not able to pay back the debts and the money lender was pressurizing him. On knowing this Vasudeva(Madhwa) gave a handful of tamarind seeds to the money lender and said that father’s loan has been settled. To the money lender’s surprise, the tamarind seeds given by Vasudeva was turned in gold nuggets and money lender was happy to receive the loan had paid back.

One day when he was teaching Ithreya Upanishad to his pupils, he suddenly disappeared in a Pushpa vrishti (shower of flowers). That day is celebrated every year as Madhwa navami during magha shukla paksha. It is believed; even today he is staying at upper Badari and listening to Sri Vedavyasa’s teaching.


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  • missed many importan miracle bhemmana bhand 1 ton stone lifted by madhva and placed removing hindrance to flow of river. Was in badri spoke to vyasa personally got the blessing to write brahma sutra bhasya from Lord VedaVyasa himself.. Source madhva Vijaya – Prasanna R Feb 26 '19 at 12:29

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