The types I know are Maharshi, Devarshi, Rajarshi, Bramharshi.

  • What is the difference among them?
  • What is their chronology?
  • Who awards/grants them those titles?
  • What kind of sadhana/practice needs to be observed to conquer each of these stages?
  • Are those titles permanent?
  • See answer here. Full hierarchies (7) list of the ṛṣis were covered there. Commented May 7, 2016 at 6:05

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Maharshi a Rishi who is very great in his spirituality(great seer), who had reached a certain level towards his goal(path).

Rajarshi a King who is so spiritual that he becomes a Rishi.

Devarshi a Rishi dwelling in the heavenly regions or a deva who is also a Rishi. The sons of Dharma or Yoga, divine or godlike sage.

Brahmarshi a Rishi who has seen the Supreme Spiritual Truth and who were the founders of gotras of Brahmans or caste-races.

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