It is said Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are the same and they both are supreme god, then why there is difference between them. Why was Lord Shiva called as a Vairagi and Lord Vishu as a sansaric vishnu?


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Think about this.

To go from point A to point B, you just need a vehicle.

one can take car, bike, boat , plane , helicopter, bus.

all are vehicles but YOU are the one who chose to specify car, bus etc rather than "vehicle".

coming to technicality, siva is FORMLESS as mahadeva he is acetic, as mahaesvara he is lord of uma, as aghora he is dispeller of darkness, as vamadeva he is instructor to whole world. so not truely vairagi..but nevertheless adheres to it in certain aspects.

Narayana : formless ,Vishnu sansaric: as vamana avatar a sanyasi, as kapila deva a sanyasi as matsya and kurma avatar no sansaric as parasurama no sansara..only as vishnu, krishna , rama ,narasimha, varaha etc.

clearly netiher title si applicable to them entirely why are you worrying about this?

worship shiva on monday, vishnu on wednesday and friday, skanda on tuesday, devi on friday , hanuman on sat, grahas on sunday. Everyday ganesha.. so simple, no need to go into details just be happy.

both are one and same but people chose to look at them differently. just like your friend call your birth name in home and your mother call you pet name at home. Does that make you 2 different person?

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