There is Bhaumashvini (भौमाश्विनि) Yoga also known as Amrit Siddhi Yoga Today. (Ashvini Nakshatra on Tuesday). Chanting of Devi Atharvashirsha (also known as Devi Upanishad) has great significance as said in the text itself:

भौमाश्विन्यां महादेवीसंनिधौ जप्त्वा महामृत्युं तरति स महामृत्युं तरति । य एवं वेद ॥ इत्युपनिषत् ॥ २७॥

Reciting it on Tuesday under the asterism Ashvini, in the presence of the great Goddess, one overcomes fell death - one who knows thus. This is the secret.

So, while reading it, I found that Devi said that अहं ब्रह्माब्रह्मणी and वेदोऽहमवेदोऽहम्

अहमानन्दानानन्दौ । अहं विज्ञानाविज्ञाने । अहं ब्रह्माब्रह्मणी वेदितव्ये ।
इति चाथर्वणी श्रुतिः । अहं पञ्चभूतानि । अहं पञ्चतन्मात्राणि । अहमखिलं जगत् ॥ ३॥

वेदोऽहमवेदोऽहम् । विद्याहमविद्याहम् । अजाहमनजाहम् । अधश्चोर्ध्वं च तिर्यक्चाहम् ॥ ४॥

I am (all forms of) bliss and non-bliss. Knowledge and ignorance are Myself. Brahman and non-Brahman are to be known - says the scripture of the Atharvans. I am the five elements as also what is different from them. I am the entire world. I am the Veda as well as what is different from it.

Here I want to know what it means by ABrahman (non-Brahman) and Aveda (non-Veda), since I think there would not be something like non-Brahman and Aveda.

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