Certain web articles such as this one, over the past few months have been claiming that the three laws of motion which are attributed to the famous British scientist Sir Isaac Newton, were actually mentioned earlier in the Vaishesika Sutras of Kanada! These articles have also been claiming that some leading professors of Manchester University have themselves confirmed this (though I couldn't verify this). In addition to this, the leading Right-wing intellectual, Subramanian Swamy has supported these claims on Twitter:

Manchester Univ. Confirms: This is How Isaac Newton Stole Concept of Gravity from a Hindu Gurukul http://mailonnews.com/2017/09/19/manchester-university-research-confirms-this-is-how-isaac-newton-stole-concept-of-gravity-from-a-hindu-gurukul-in-india/ … via @

(2:26 PM - 21 Nov 2017)

So the questions that naturally arise are:

  • Has the Manchester University really confirmed that Kanada discovered the laws of motion before Newton?
  • Do the Vaisheshika Sutras of Kanada truly mention these three laws of motion?


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