It is lesser known fact that the tantra flourished in southern India in the state of Kerala. Like that of Kashmir and Bengal.

Kerela tantrism is also specialised and is called as kerala mantrikam or kerala mantravaadam.

What are main features of this ?

Are there any lineages or scripture related to this ?

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    Amazingly all the Tantra places seem cursed now - Kashmir, Kerala & WB! – Mr. Sigma. Mar 24 '18 at 15:40
  • @Rakesh Kerala mantravaadam or mantrik usually worship Devils. They use their powers to help the villagers or whoever goes to them in exchange of money. I don't know Mantrikam (person who does rituals through mantra) still exists. But they don't worship gods or deities. They have their own Puja style as per their scriptures. I don't know tantra has devil worshipping Scriptures. But if you are asking about godly scriptures then mantravaadam is not the case. – user13155 Mar 25 '18 at 2:28
  • @Salvation no it's not true.yes they have own process but whole mantrikam is not based on what you say. Its wide subject – Rakesh Joshi Mar 25 '18 at 2:29
  • @Rakesh I don't know if mantrikam is related to god, but if you go there and ask anyone about mantrikam, then they will only think about these things. If you are talking about Tantra related to gods, then I don't have much knowledge about it. – user13155 Mar 25 '18 at 2:33
  • @Rakesh I can be wrong also. But just keep it in mind and use the right words, like satvik tantra or mantravaadam related to gods when asking to south India people. – user13155 Mar 25 '18 at 2:36

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