Sri Ramakrishna had some remarkable experiences at the banks of Ganges river. What were his experience related to maNikarNikA ghat ?


Sri Ramakrishna saw Shiva Parvati liberating the dead at Manikarnika Ghat of Kashi. He saw Lord Shiva covered with ashes imparting Taraka Mantra into right ears of the dead and Mata Parvati removing bonds of Samsara. He literally saw Kashi as described in Puranas with his Yogic eye.

From Pilgrimage, Introduction, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna:

The party entered holy Benares by boat along the Ganges. When Sri Ramakrishna's eyes fell on this city of Siva, where had accumulated for ages the devotion and piety of countless worshippers, he saw it to be made of gold, as the scriptures declare. He was visibly moved. During his stay in the city he treated every particle of its earth with utmost respect. At the Manikarnika Ghat, the great cremation ground of the city, he actually saw Siva, with ash-covered body and tawny matted hair, serenely approaching each funeral pyre and breathing into the ears of the corpses the mantra of liberation; and then the Divine Mother removing from the dead their bonds. Thus he realized the significance of the scriptural statement that anyone dying in Benares attains salvation through the grace of Siva. He paid a visit to Trailanga Swami, the celebrated monk, whom he later declared to be a real paramahamsa, a veritable image of Siva.

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