What are the core texts of this sampradaya ?

How many of these are surviving today?

Are there any digitial versions of the same ?


Lakulisha's Pashupata Sutra is the main text of Pashupata Shaivism according to the Wikipedia article on Pashupata Shaivism:

The Pasupata beliefs are summarized in the Pasaputa Sutra. This text was rediscovered in 1930 and is attributed to Lakulisa himself. Bhanmdarkar attributes the Atharva-Sirasto the Pasupatas. Also, in the text, their vow is recorded.

You read the Pashupata Sutras (along with Kaundinya's Panchartha Bhashya) in English, here. Also, you can read it (along with Kaundinya's Panchartha Bhashya) in Sanskrit here.

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