My namaskaram to all the knowledgeable folks here. Pardon adiyen's (my) ignorance here and please shed light on what are the differences between the two - all i know is that samashrayanam is what thenkali sect of sri vaishnavites do and end there, while vadakalai sect do Bharanyasam in addition to samashrayanam and both of these mean saranagathi.

Also please shed some light on the dos and donts once having received either or both, specifically related to

i) Prapatti

ii) Food Habits (satvic food only/is it mandatory)

iii) Are thenkalais allowed to take bharanyasam as well? if no, may i know why?

iv) Daily mandatory rituals if any others that i might not even be knowledgeable enough to ask

Thank you all!

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