Lord Vitthala is said to have been on earth for 28 yugas. What are these 28 yugas?

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It is emphasized in his stories and also is sung in his aarti.

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This is rather a hypothesis than an actual answer.

Some Background

First, got through the Hindu units of time.
Here is the relevant information from that page:
Four yugas(Satya/Kruta, Treta, Dvapara, Kali) = 1 Mahayuga.
71 Mahayugas = 1 Manvantara.

Current Time

Currently, we are in the Vaivasvatha(7th) Manvantara.
Within which, 27 Mahayugas plus, the first 3 yugas(Satya, Treta & Dvapara) of the next(28th) Mahayuga have already been elapsed.
We are in the Kali yuga of the 28th Mahayuga.
Although, there are still a lot of years remaining for the Kali yuga, and thus the 28th Mahayuga to end, considering the huge timeline, the remaining years are a "small" time span.

My Hypothesis

My hypothesis is that the number 28 is related to these 28 Mahayugas.

Vitthala is an incarnation/form of the supreme, Vishnu. It is also likely that they are actually referring to Vishnu when they mention Vitthala.
Also I am not sure what they are actually referring to, when they say "earth". May be this universe?

Again, this is a hypothesis and I haven't verified this anywhere.
Instead of taking it as an answer, please take it as thought or some direction for further investigation.
Critics from experts on this site are welcome.

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